Thursday, July 23, 2009

-: great news buyers :-

hi, Rahah here~

[some of you email me and ask for EMY:P he he he okay2, actually this blog belong to me:P but the joint venture on Indonesia products memang dgn EMY:) so sorry lah ek, sbb I yang reply all ur emails, not EMY~ sbb EMY rabun IT skettt ehehe:P]

okay2, I'll be leaving KL soon, and most probably, I need more time to settle down with my new job at the south, thus, this sales blog will be on hiatus for a while, but worry not, the sales will be going on like usual, just keep sending me emails, I'll try my best to reply it as soon as possible ya!!! [and do pray hard for me on the beginning of my new chapter:)]

and for those followers, we are proudly to announce that, you are entitled for free delivery!!!~ thus, be our follower, and you get a better deal okay!

we still have few more stocks with us, do grab it now, before the promotion price ends!


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  1. angah jd la followers