Tuesday, December 1, 2009

-: must GO items :-

hello lovely pies!!!

sorry for a superbly long hiatus~

yeah2 if u read my blog, i mean my personal blog, u'll know what makes me this busy~

okay back to business~

we are currently trying to get new stock coming in as soon as possible, [hopefully before January 2010] thus, I decided to put our remaining items on superbly low price!!! plus, if you are our follower, you are entitle for free shipping & handling fees~

yummy is it?:P

okay, the first one on our list is

our 1st, one and only engagement @ solemnization material


letting go at RM150

[shoppersjoint rugi skettt, tp takpe lah~ as this is our 1st try on this kind of fabric~ actually few of the customers asked about this one, but sadly none of them seal the deal, thus, if you are eyeing on this, do let us know, RM 150 plus shipping & handling fees for you to grab!!!]

faster!!! while the stock last!!!

[1st image]

[2nd image]

[3rd image]

original description of the fabrics can be view here, from our previous post

click here!!!

lots of love

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