Monday, June 22, 2009

-:Engagement @ Solemnization:-

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okay, for this time, kain ni specially brought from Bandung for the future Bride-to-be~ can be use for both engagement and your solemnization ceremony too!!!

[1st image]

[2nd image]

[3rd image]

description of the fabric:-

code:- KES 001

color:- coklat kentang @ krim duku

length:- 2 to 3m lace + 2 to 3m satin

normal price:- RM 200

Promo Price:- rm 170 [free courier service @ C.O.D around Klang Valley]

terms and condition:- grab it now!!! before its too late!!! this is the only piece available *ready in hand~ in Malaysia!!!*~ if you have request on other colors and etc, please read more on how to get it~... [scroll down dear!!!]

the drill is like this:-

in order to get material for your engagement or solemnization etc, you will have to deal directly with Miss Emy~ she can be reach at:-

what you need to let her know in your email?

1] your budget~ bear in mind, our minimum budget is rm200

2] your color theme:- WE HAVE TWO THEME!!!

a] sweet theme =
RM 200

b] glamour theme = RM 300 and above [according to your budget!!! Miss Emy will try her best to get you the best material that works with your budget~ worry not, she is an expert at this~ need a prove? let us show you some photos of hers!!!]

c] please be informed that Miss Emy won't be able to get the pic of you 1st then email to you before she seal the deal with the supplier, however, I can certain you that she is darn good at doing this! Thus, you should have no doubt on trusting her taste ya!

[ohh yeah, Miss Emy is the one on your right dear!!!]

with this, I attached a short introduction of Miss Emy:-

hye my name is Siti Nor Emyliana Su'aif..currently doing Medic in University of Padjadjarn Bandung (UNPAD)..have the idea of J.V @ join venture with Rahah (my bff's bff and my bestie said she is trusted~ oh thanks Emy for this sweet words *xoxo*) because..1st..i love to shop!! so why don't I shop and I right? 2nd. EVERYTIME I'm coming back to Malaysia for short vacation or semester break, I definitely will need to buy clothes and telekung that others ordered to me...well enjoying that since i love to shop tho its not mine..hahah ..however this is my part time job...i have my responsibilities to my studies..cant wait to finish it next year
( do pray for me!) ... dun worry..coz even tho I'm back for good Insyallah next year..I'll already got a supplier who can post the clothes from Bandung for us by then!!!.. as for that I'm so sorry if you guys need to wait for the updates as i do this on "my free time" huhu Those who wondering, in Malaysia, I live in PULAPOL, located somewhere in Jln Semarak, Kuala Lumpur..(3km frm klcc tower,next to telekom college infront of UTM)

I have more photos of Miss Emy in her lovely kebaya and kurung specially brought from Bandung!!! will update more from time to time ya!!!
stay tune!!!

lots of love

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