Sunday, June 14, 2009

-:how to take care of your lovely COTTON?:-

Recently, we received a question from NOR about how to wash @ take care of our COTTONS~

so lemme share how to do so with the rest of you, it is a simple easy task!

what you need to do [step by step]

1] after you pick up your new tailored COTTON, do wash it with softener. This is to make sure you get a clean new outfit [you know some of the tailor just put your materials on the floor! so please wash it with a softener, you don't need to soak it over night, just 5-10mins will do!]

2] as for the ironing part, you can use STARCH SPRAY [that you can bought from any supermarket!~ I used KIWI KLEEN FABRIC STARCH! It makes my life easy, and it actually took care of your COTTON too! oh yeah, it is cheap too, don't worry, it is affordable!

[I used the one in yellow color, since I just love the smell of fresh LEMON!]

3] If you don't have the starch spray, you can just use water spray, it works well too!

4] Washing part after you wore it for the second time would be just like you wash your other kurungs [ohh please, hand wash it, if you want it to last long! right? or if you still want to use machine, please use laundry bag [put ur COTTON into the laundry bag then only machine it okay!]

5] Thats all!!! easy right?

we will state out if there are items that need to be dry clean, or else, you can wash just wash it using water okay!(,")

thus, buy with confidence!!! eheh

lots of love

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